Smithy Clinic

Ancillaries Prices

Podiatrist Ella Hurrell MSc, BSc(Hons),MChS

Podiatry Assessment :- Full Bio mechanical assessment- up to 1 hour £60

Follow up after assessment – up to 30 minutes £35

Orthoses and Insoles (a deposit must be paid when ordering)

Bespoke casted devices (pair) £180 – £275

Functional insoles (pair) £38

Extra additions £5 each

Prefabricated & semi bespoke Orthoses :- variable, typically £20 to £55 approximately depending on the type required.

Additional temporary insoles :- £7.50p.

Other devices are available from our shop including gel heel cups, arch supports, etc. Prices on request.

Acupuncturist Nicola Dunn

Initial session :- £60
Follow up session :- £40